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 Zoom Etiquette In Services

To ensure services are running as smoothly as possible, we ask you to follow these guidelines:

Always update your Zoom or your PC before you join a meeting. Don't assume that Zoom automatically updates the software. In addition, updates often include changes to operation settings, so it is a good idea to get to know how Zoom works.


Zoom works best when it is directly connected with a cable to your router and on your laptop. Smartphones or tablets dependent on Wi-Fi often will create a sound and video delay. 


You will be muted while entering the Zoom session. Make sure you stay muted unless you are invited to un-mute. This is to ensure that the person leading the service can be heard. The microphone should have a red line over it when you are muted. Please note that the Zoom Warden may turn your microphone 
off if they feel it is distracting. 



Video can be on and is nice to watch (though be mindful of what you do behind the camera). We ask that you do not eat/drink on camera and are in an appropriate location as this may be distracting for other members. If you don’t feel comfortable with having the camera on, feel free to keep it off. Please note that the Zoom Warden may turn your camera off if they feel it is distracting. 



Your Kippot during Services
During our services, our regular dress code still applies, which includes men covering their heads (if you don’t have a kippah at home, you can use a hat).

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